One more month…

My middle daughter Lucy has one more month until her big day. Her little Rudy will finally make an appearance. So on June 5, her friends Becky and Kendra threw her a baby shower. Boy, did we have a great time!

Becky, Kendra and Lucy

Kendra made this cute diaper cake.

Granddaughters Priscilla, Julia, Emily, Sallyanne and Lindsay

We played a few really fun games. Now, I’m not really into shower games but Kendra came up with some winners. One was who can drink the baby bottle of milk the fastest. Here are some of the girls from Lucy and Kendra’s high school softball team with the bottles.

Another game was quite interesting. We had to guess the kind of candy bar in the baby diaper. Well, after they were melted you can imagine what it looked like!

Becky and Amanda inspecting the diaper.

There was lots of good food and great cake. As usual, we can’t have a party without a Trefzger’s cake. Trefzger’s is a very old bakery in Peoria and we love their cakes and baked goodies. Someday I’ll post about our history with our long relationship with our favorite bakery.

And finally…the gifts! Lucy received so many lovely gifts but what kind of Grandma would I be if I didn’t show my gift first?!?

The chair from Heidi and I with the beautiful quilt made by Jennifer Kosko, Kendra's mom.


Heidi, Libby and Becky put the rocking chair together. There was more that "some assembly required."

Lucy and the tie dyed onesie from Molly Tesdall.

My girls....Amanda (due in July), Libby, Heidi, Me(in back), Ashley (due in October), Lucy(due in July) and the new mommy, Tifanny


Tricia, Kendra and Lucy. They all teach and coach softball at Deer Creek-Mackinaw. Tricia is due alittle before Lucy.

And finally, the "besties" Kendra and Lucy.

Sorry if this picture -rich post was a little long. I just need to post more often. Thanks for stopping by. Smiles, Sally

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Summer Vacation

Priscilla, Sallyanne and Vincent. The older brother Tyler is at home...right next door.

Today is the first day of my grandkids’ summer vacation. I also lament that this is the day my vacation ends. Yes, I love them very much but they are alot of work. At least the heat broke alittle…it is only about 80 today. The past few days were in the 90’s and that is too hot for this time of year. I hate turning on the AC but I can’t stand to be hot.

Oh yeah, about the glue book, it’s in a pile along with the lesson printouts. Maybe I’ll get time to do them someday.

I start to watch my newest granddaughter, Lauren, next week when her mom starts back to work. Mom works 3- 12 hour shifts a week at one of our local hospitals in intensive care. I think this separation will be a little tough on mom.

Lauren and Tifanny

I’m glad that the weekend will be here soon…3 days off!

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Getting organized

I get these ideas sometimes that I can get organized. Most of those ideas just flit harmlessly away. But here is one that got finished.

I’ve saved and collected these little metal buckets from the grands Easter and Halloween treats. I gots lots of stuff I keep/hoard. I’ve been wanting to make a caddy for my crafting essentials and the kids’ also. I saw this bathroom caddy in the Target add this week and the wheels started turning in my head. I had the hubs drill holes in the bottom of the tins and we attached them with nuts and bolts. All I have to do is mention that I need a power tool for a craft project and the hubs groans and helps me do it. I don’t care who does it…just so it gets done. And I tell him that he secretly likes to craft with me. More eyerolling from him. I like the way it turned out.


Now in the first picture you might notice something pink and wooly. This is the baby blanket I need to have done for daughter Lucy’s baby shower on June 5. I work on it alittle and then put it aside…and this must stop! I’m gonna get this done. I will have another one to get done by the end of July. And my third daughter found out Monday that she is having a boy. So by October sometime, we will have added 3 girls and 1 boy to this clan. Whew!! Ashley (baby boy mom) and her partner Libby can’t decide on a boy name and we are flooding them with names. That’s what we’re good at…driving people crazy. So far, the names of the babies are-Lauren, born March 11, Lucy and Darren’s daughter will be Rudy and Amanda and Pete’s daughter will be Natalie. But I went to the hospital with names and came home with different ones.

Oh and this gluebook I’m starting, well that’s for another post. Thanks for stopping by and witnessing this rambling.

Smiles, Sally

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Yep, it was a BIG weekend!

Happy belated Mother’s Day!  The Hackney family had their first official BBQ of the summer. And it was a blow-out! Close to fifty people showed up and a great time was had by all.  The guys smoked 15 racks of pork ribs and a brisket, bbq 60 butterfly pork chops, 3 dozen hamburgers, multiple packages of hot dogs and brats, and lots and lots of garlic bread. My oldest daughter, Heidi (who lives just next door) and I provided the meat and everyone else brought side dishes. We don’t have alot of meat left-just enough to snack on this week.

I got some pretty cool gifts. One of my sons got me some tomato plants and one of those topsy-turvy planters. We have laughed alot about having one of these and some of my granddaughters thought it would be good idea. Wish me luck..if it ever gets warm enough, I’ll plant them this week. My sister gave me a Chicago Cubs garden gnome sign. Yes, I am a die-hard Cubs fan, that probably explains my outlook on lots of things-a little skewed. lol But, while these gift were very nice, this is what my other 4 kids went together and got me…

 OMG, a Kindle!! Now let me say, I’m almost 50 and been through alot of things in my life and got alota miles on me. But when I opened this, I burst into tears. This made my daughters cry too. I have wanted one of these for a long time. I have entered every blog contest that offers one of these but never won one. Now if I’d scrimp a little, I could have bought one. But I always stopped and thought better of that.  I have worked in libraries for over 30 years in every capacity from a page to a director so I don’t lack for tons of books in my home and at my disposal. But goodness, I fell in love with this electronic reader from the first moment I saw it.  Housework is suffering more that usual now this baby has come to live with me.

OK, more pictures of the Mother’s day bash. As I looked at these pictures, I though of you friends looking at them with new eyes. They show a good slice of our lives…kids’ bikes and toys, lots of religious lawn ornaments, and quirky other items my hubs drags in. We live in the middle of America in Smalltown USA- Deer Creek, Illinois. Remember, all roads lead to Deer Creek. No that’s not an official slogan, just something I day. You say…just get to the pics, ok!

Heidi's in-laws

2 more daughters; Lucy,baby due in July and Ashley, baby due in October

Lots of food, lots of family

Amanda, baby due in July and the Hubs

 Yes, I’m tired after the big weekend and so long winded! Next time I’ll show the journal/ledger I bought for my gluebook…if my Kindle lets me. Smile, Sally

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Big Weekend Coming

It seems sometimes our weekend starts before Friday. On Thursday, our new whole house generator came in.  Everything then stops and installation begins. The hubs ran the natural gas line earlier in the week in anticipation of the big day. A small concrete pad was poured and many lily-of-the-valley sacrificed themselves for the benefit of our household. But believe me, we have plenty lilies and there will be twice as many next year. Our youngest son, Grant, didn’t work Thursday so he took our truck to pick up this monster. It took both sons and the hubs to wrestle it onto the concrete.  The hubs wired up the control panel in the basement.

 Just a side note, the hubs and the youngest son are electricians and my oldest son does concrete work so I’m lucky to have this skilled/free labor. I’ve been saying for a while that all we really need now is a plumber in the family. Maybe one of the grands will someday fit the bill. The hubs is not a great plumber but he can do it in a pinch. Hint…my sink is leaking. ; ) 

Here a is pic of the Generac, our newest member of the family. It was a big decision/expense that we decided to invest our tax return in.  Quite a few times a year we find ourselves without power. It’s not unusual to be out of power for a day mostly because of weather issues. We have a portable generator we purchased after a tornado came through the area 5 years or so ago and we were out of power for 4 days. At least it was in the Spring and we didn’t need the furnace but I have a big freezer and 2 refrigerators.  I don’t care if I have lights but I don’t want to lose all that food.  Our oldest daughter lives next door and we ran both houses off the generator and we plan to do that with the new one too. Here are a couple pictures of  what usually happens with appliance boxes. The kids drug this into their house to decorate it and save it from the rain.

Vincent's new playhouse

Sallyanne and Vincent

On Thursday, I ran around alot to get food for the Mother’s Day BBQ on Sunday. I also popped into the Goodwill store. I think I take as much “stuff” in there as I buy. On my next post, I’ll show pics of the goodies I found and maybe some of my new gluebook. Smile, Sally

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A Priscilla Day

Priscilla receiving her first Communion.

My granddaughter, Priscilla, had her first Communion on Saturday, May 1, 2010 at St. Patrick’s Church in Washington, Illinois. After many recited prayers, veil, shoe and dress shopping, hairdos, practicing and pictures; The day went off like a breeze.  The weather was just perfect. And no one dropped anything.  This is great considering I’ve never been in a room with 52 second graders without something being dropped.

Cilla and her peeps

Priscilla and her sister, Sallyanne

 Oh yeah, and we had some GREAT cake, too! 

And on the crafting front, I signed up for an online class from Mary at Green Paper about making a gluebook. I really like doing gluebooks but I don’t finish and that’s o.k. I guess.  She offers 3 lessons a week for three weeks. She also send 24 pages of vintage pictures to use. The cost is $35 and it starts May 16.  I thought about it a bit, then I thought…what the heck. I’ve bought picture collections from Mary before and they are excellent. I’ve never paid for an online class before so I was hesitant. But I need to do it and finish too. Wish me luck! And Mary is having a giveaway of some real neat paper bits. And I loves me some paper, if you couldn’t tell by my name.

See you soon. Maybe tomorrow it will be earlier. I had internet problems today so I had to go a few rounds with my internet provider.

Smiles, Sally

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Yesterday & today

Everyday I make this list that starts out like this-dishes, laundry, floors- then I add other stuff. Yesterday, I installed my new printer, a Kodak 5200.  This is my second Kodak printer and I really like my other one. I replaced my HP printer that I truly loved but the ink costs are over the top. So I will find someone who needs a printer.  It works great but I bought the printer from HSN for just alittle more than it would have cost for the 2 ink cartridges.  And don’t suggest that I refill the old ones. I have tried Walgreens, Office Depot and filling them myself. I have never had one of them work. A few have made a huge mess. So I have a new printer on my baby/lifeline, my HP desktop. My other computer, an Asus laptop, is hooked to the older Kodak. This other computer is the domain of my Hubs and any  kid/grandkid that need to use the internet for the important things like E-bay, Webkinz or PBS Kids. I also have a netbook that the kids use too and I read books on it. I think I have an electronics thing. Yes, I’ll call it that…a thing. I also have an IPod touch that I adore! I read books, keep lots of family pics, play games, keep my goings and doing, well, alot on that little gem.  The problem…I would LOVE a Kindle. I look at them everyday. The screen on my ITouch is a little small and the battery life isn’t huge. And I probably could buy it but I resist. Maybe one of kids will get me one for Mother’s Day or my birthday. I have left HUGE clues. The Hubs just rolls his eyes and works harder. And my camera “thing”, well, I have 2 Kodaks but I am always lusting after a better camera.

Yep, I can ramble. So, one of the reason I got alot done Thursday and Friday is this…

Vincent, passed out while watching YoGabbaGabba

Yes, Vincent decided to curl and take long naps on both mornings. He is actually still asleep now! One of my granddaughters was kinda puny at school so I picked her up.  So there are 2 kids asleep in the living room. I love the silence.

I just need to show you what I got in the mail today.  I love earbobs. Maybe not as much as electronics but I like them alot. I found these gals who sell some the prettiest jewelry on the interweb. Kathi of Vintage Inspired Jewelry and Holly of BannerHaus are my favorites creators of earrings.  Sooo, I saw on my google reader the other day that Kathi was having tulip earring sale…$12! So I say to myself, Self, you want a couple these. So self won out and I ordered two pair. Here they are.

Such pretty packaging!

OMG, there are 3 in there!

 I should give one away as a gift but I love them all! I am wearing the red ones now, “cause I am a RED kinda gal.

Thanks loads, Kathi !

p.s. Check out Kathi’s blog and story…amazing.

Smiles, Sally

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Just going to try something

The Queen of Everything's crown!

This is my first attempt in insert a hyperlink. I hope it works!  This is a graphic from one of my most favorite blogs ,

The Graphic Fairy. Many thanks to Karen for all her freebies. Gosh. I’m dead on my feet. More tomorrow. Smiles. Sally

p.s. I’m figuring it out Holly, slowly but surely!

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Day off…gonna run around!

from the Vintage Workshop

Since I have no kiddos until after school, I’m off to the post office, Barnes & Noble, Wal-mart, Lagron-Miller (our closest Catholic gift store) and some Chinese food! I’m going to have to sneak in a trip to Michaels too.  But I need to remember what my daughters say…Keep to the list!  Or I’ll never be back by 3 o’clock. And, oh yeah, it’s a great day because the Cubs have won 4 in a row. Smiles. Sally

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First Comment!

Just one of the great freebies from Holly at Bannerhaus. Thanks loads!

What a great feeling…Someone read my blog and commented. Holly is the greatest with her freebies like pics and popcorn. And she makes the prettiest earbobs. Check out Bannerhaus!   Smile. Sally

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