The New Year is Here!

Here I am…the poor blogger. The holidays went so well and really fast. I hope in the new year that I can read at least one book a month and do some daily journaling/glueing in my fresh new book. But let me show you what takes up the bulk of my time.

Vincent, Rudy and Lauren

Abram, 2 months old, in asleep in his swing. He’s not quite big enough to play/defend himself with this rough group. Vincent is almost 3. Rudy, in pink, is 6 months and she creeps, commando style EVERYWHERE! And under everything. Lauren, in blue, is 10 months. She’s a little more stubborn about getting around. She would rather be carried. But who wouldn’t? And at this moment, they are ALL napping or I would be able to get to this quick post.

It’s kinda late but…Happy New Year everyone! 


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One Response to The New Year is Here!

  1. Amrita says:

    Hi Sally Happy New Year. Enjoy your time with your jewels.This is the best part. May the Lord fulfil the desires of your heart.

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