Lisa’s Christmas Countdown…

Starts in 4 days!!  Lisa Vollrath is a fabulous artist and mighty generous too. She offers a “Christmas Countdown”. That’s a set of very pretty graphics every day, December 1 through December 25.  Check her site out to get the details. They are free if you link back to her spot or if you’re anxious to get those goodies, like me, you can purchase the set now for such a small price. Thanks Lisa!

We had a great Thanksgiving at the Hackney house. Plenty of food and fellowship. Now here comes Christmas. I don’t do the Black Friday thing. I don’t really care for all those rowdy crowds. So, I’m just kicking back and getting to ready to watch a movie. Boy, is it quiet here. Kinda nice.


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One Response to Lisa’s Christmas Countdown…

  1. Amrita says:

    Hi Sally, best wishes for this lovely season. The graphic is so cute and check out this website too.

    Hope the family is all nicely warm and cozy.

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