Where has the time gone!?!

My new header is a picture of all my granddaughters at Ashley’s baby shower last month.

Lindsay, Emily holding Natalee, Sallyanne holding Lauren, Priscilla holding Rudy, and Julia

Since last post, we’ve had 2 grandchildren, ( Rudy Marie Gilbert and Natalee Grace Hackney) half a dozen birthdays, (my BIG 50!)  a couple anniversaries (including our 32nd) and another baby shower for our youngest, Ashley. Whew I’m tired, but I know I need to keep up with posting on my blog and not just lurking on everyone else’s blogs. So I’ll post some pictures from my busy summer.

Rudy Marie Gilbert born July 17

Natalee Grace Hackney born July 19

Ashley and Libby at their shower.

Ashley got alot of really nice gifts at her shower. There were about 60 friends and relatives in attendance. And I’ve never been to a shower with so many babies. There were 6 babies under the age of 1! OK, more shower and baby pics.

Lauren with my sister Carla

And I was remembered on my anniversary with a very nice gift from Jim.

still beautiful after 1 week

Sallyanne and Priscilla's first day of school

Maybe after the Labor Day weekend my life will get back on a schedule. You should note that I didn’t say “get back to normal” because I’m not quite sure what that is. Be back soon…promise.

Smiles, Sally

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5 Responses to Where has the time gone!?!

  1. Amrita says:

    Oooohhhh just adorable pictures.

  2. Holly says:

    What a bumper crop of babies and other cute folks!!!

    No wonder you haven’t been posting much — too much going on in real life!

  3. Amrita says:

    Howdy. Just dropped by to say Hi

  4. miette says:

    Sally thank you for visiting my blog:

    I am very flattered.

    See you soon, Kisses from France, Miette (Sylvie)

  5. Amrita says:

    Hi Sally you must show us you r newest grand child

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