The rain came down…

We have had some interesting weather lately but this last hour beats all!  We just had 50 mph winds and 3 inches of rain in one hour. Our two sump pumps in the basement just couldn’t keep up. It’s finally starting to go down now! Whew!! If the sun comes out tomorrow (kinda sounds like an “Annie” song) I’ll take and posts some pictures.

I really like rain…just not so much. Smiles, Sally

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2 Responses to The rain came down…

  1. Amrita says:

    Oh send us some rain Sally. So happy you are getting plenty of it. Love, Amrita

  2. Holly says:

    Oh, I would have panicked with that much rain and the pumps running constantly, too!!! I am very scared of basements!!!

    Glad you were not washed away, m’dear!

    What a great graphic of the hen with umbrella!!!

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