One more month…

My middle daughter Lucy has one more month until her big day. Her little Rudy will finally make an appearance. So on June 5, her friends Becky and Kendra threw her a baby shower. Boy, did we have a great time!

Becky, Kendra and Lucy

Kendra made this cute diaper cake.

Granddaughters Priscilla, Julia, Emily, Sallyanne and Lindsay

We played a few really fun games. Now, I’m not really into shower games but Kendra came up with some winners. One was who can drink the baby bottle of milk the fastest. Here are some of the girls from Lucy and Kendra’s high school softball team with the bottles.

Another game was quite interesting. We had to guess the kind of candy bar in the baby diaper. Well, after they were melted you can imagine what it looked like!

Becky and Amanda inspecting the diaper.

There was lots of good food and great cake. As usual, we can’t have a party without a Trefzger’s cake. Trefzger’s is a very old bakery in Peoria and we love their cakes and baked goodies. Someday I’ll post about our history with our long relationship with our favorite bakery.

And finally…the gifts! Lucy received so many lovely gifts but what kind of Grandma would I be if I didn’t show my gift first?!?

The chair from Heidi and I with the beautiful quilt made by Jennifer Kosko, Kendra's mom.


Heidi, Libby and Becky put the rocking chair together. There was more that "some assembly required."

Lucy and the tie dyed onesie from Molly Tesdall.

My girls....Amanda (due in July), Libby, Heidi, Me(in back), Ashley (due in October), Lucy(due in July) and the new mommy, Tifanny


Tricia, Kendra and Lucy. They all teach and coach softball at Deer Creek-Mackinaw. Tricia is due alittle before Lucy.

And finally, the "besties" Kendra and Lucy.

Sorry if this picture -rich post was a little long. I just need to post more often. Thanks for stopping by. Smiles, Sally

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2 Responses to One more month…

  1. Amrita says:

    Good to see the gals getting together to have fun.
    Nice welcome party fpr Rudy. Safe delivery to all your gals.

  2. elizabeth says:

    What a gorgeous family you have. All those beautiful girls. How lucky you are. Thanks for stopping and commenting on my 1000th post, I have a feeling you are making a great impact on some young lives yourself. They are going to have some stories to tell about you!!

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