Yep, it was a BIG weekend!

Happy belated Mother’s Day!  The Hackney family had their first official BBQ of the summer. And it was a blow-out! Close to fifty people showed up and a great time was had by all.  The guys smoked 15 racks of pork ribs and a brisket, bbq 60 butterfly pork chops, 3 dozen hamburgers, multiple packages of hot dogs and brats, and lots and lots of garlic bread. My oldest daughter, Heidi (who lives just next door) and I provided the meat and everyone else brought side dishes. We don’t have alot of meat left-just enough to snack on this week.

I got some pretty cool gifts. One of my sons got me some tomato plants and one of those topsy-turvy planters. We have laughed alot about having one of these and some of my granddaughters thought it would be good idea. Wish me luck..if it ever gets warm enough, I’ll plant them this week. My sister gave me a Chicago Cubs garden gnome sign. Yes, I am a die-hard Cubs fan, that probably explains my outlook on lots of things-a little skewed. lol But, while these gift were very nice, this is what my other 4 kids went together and got me…

 OMG, a Kindle!! Now let me say, I’m almost 50 and been through alot of things in my life and got alota miles on me. But when I opened this, I burst into tears. This made my daughters cry too. I have wanted one of these for a long time. I have entered every blog contest that offers one of these but never won one. Now if I’d scrimp a little, I could have bought one. But I always stopped and thought better of that.  I have worked in libraries for over 30 years in every capacity from a page to a director so I don’t lack for tons of books in my home and at my disposal. But goodness, I fell in love with this electronic reader from the first moment I saw it.  Housework is suffering more that usual now this baby has come to live with me.

OK, more pictures of the Mother’s day bash. As I looked at these pictures, I though of you friends looking at them with new eyes. They show a good slice of our lives…kids’ bikes and toys, lots of religious lawn ornaments, and quirky other items my hubs drags in. We live in the middle of America in Smalltown USA- Deer Creek, Illinois. Remember, all roads lead to Deer Creek. No that’s not an official slogan, just something I day. You say…just get to the pics, ok!

Heidi's in-laws

2 more daughters; Lucy,baby due in July and Ashley, baby due in October

Lots of food, lots of family

Amanda, baby due in July and the Hubs

 Yes, I’m tired after the big weekend and so long winded! Next time I’ll show the journal/ledger I bought for my gluebook…if my Kindle lets me. Smile, Sally

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One Response to Yep, it was a BIG weekend!

  1. Holly says:

    Now, how did I miss this post? I guess I don’t really know how to run that RSS Reader thing yet…

    What a lovely gathering!!! Your yard is so pretty. Love the concrete table and bench set!!! Now that is both decorative and handy to have!

    Lotsa more grands coming, too! You lucky thang. Plus the KINDLE!!! WOW!!!!

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