Big Weekend Coming

It seems sometimes our weekend starts before Friday. On Thursday, our new whole house generator came in.  Everything then stops and installation begins. The hubs ran the natural gas line earlier in the week in anticipation of the big day. A small concrete pad was poured and many lily-of-the-valley sacrificed themselves for the benefit of our household. But believe me, we have plenty lilies and there will be twice as many next year. Our youngest son, Grant, didn’t work Thursday so he took our truck to pick up this monster. It took both sons and the hubs to wrestle it onto the concrete.  The hubs wired up the control panel in the basement.

 Just a side note, the hubs and the youngest son are electricians and my oldest son does concrete work so I’m lucky to have this skilled/free labor. I’ve been saying for a while that all we really need now is a plumber in the family. Maybe one of the grands will someday fit the bill. The hubs is not a great plumber but he can do it in a pinch. Hint…my sink is leaking. ; ) 

Here a is pic of the Generac, our newest member of the family. It was a big decision/expense that we decided to invest our tax return in.  Quite a few times a year we find ourselves without power. It’s not unusual to be out of power for a day mostly because of weather issues. We have a portable generator we purchased after a tornado came through the area 5 years or so ago and we were out of power for 4 days. At least it was in the Spring and we didn’t need the furnace but I have a big freezer and 2 refrigerators.  I don’t care if I have lights but I don’t want to lose all that food.  Our oldest daughter lives next door and we ran both houses off the generator and we plan to do that with the new one too. Here are a couple pictures of  what usually happens with appliance boxes. The kids drug this into their house to decorate it and save it from the rain.

Vincent's new playhouse

Sallyanne and Vincent

On Thursday, I ran around alot to get food for the Mother’s Day BBQ on Sunday. I also popped into the Goodwill store. I think I take as much “stuff” in there as I buy. On my next post, I’ll show pics of the goodies I found and maybe some of my new gluebook. Smile, Sally

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3 Responses to Big Weekend Coming

  1. Just came by to support your new blog and to say welcomed! You are starting it out wonderfully and I am wishing you many blessings ~ k

  2. You will be loving that new generator for sure next time you lose power! We lost power constantly when we lived off the coast of Washington State but sold our generator when we moved to Texas. Now I wish I had it back! JUST in case!

    I can’t wait to see the gluebook! (hint hint)

    Hope the weather cooperates for your BBQ…

  3. Anne says:

    Hi sweet Sally,

    Thank you so much for your unbelievably kind comments on my last post, they truly did touch my heart.

    Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day!


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