Yesterday & today

Everyday I make this list that starts out like this-dishes, laundry, floors- then I add other stuff. Yesterday, I installed my new printer, a Kodak 5200.  This is my second Kodak printer and I really like my other one. I replaced my HP printer that I truly loved but the ink costs are over the top. So I will find someone who needs a printer.  It works great but I bought the printer from HSN for just alittle more than it would have cost for the 2 ink cartridges.  And don’t suggest that I refill the old ones. I have tried Walgreens, Office Depot and filling them myself. I have never had one of them work. A few have made a huge mess. So I have a new printer on my baby/lifeline, my HP desktop. My other computer, an Asus laptop, is hooked to the older Kodak. This other computer is the domain of my Hubs and any  kid/grandkid that need to use the internet for the important things like E-bay, Webkinz or PBS Kids. I also have a netbook that the kids use too and I read books on it. I think I have an electronics thing. Yes, I’ll call it that…a thing. I also have an IPod touch that I adore! I read books, keep lots of family pics, play games, keep my goings and doing, well, alot on that little gem.  The problem…I would LOVE a Kindle. I look at them everyday. The screen on my ITouch is a little small and the battery life isn’t huge. And I probably could buy it but I resist. Maybe one of kids will get me one for Mother’s Day or my birthday. I have left HUGE clues. The Hubs just rolls his eyes and works harder. And my camera “thing”, well, I have 2 Kodaks but I am always lusting after a better camera.

Yep, I can ramble. So, one of the reason I got alot done Thursday and Friday is this…

Vincent, passed out while watching YoGabbaGabba

Yes, Vincent decided to curl and take long naps on both mornings. He is actually still asleep now! One of my granddaughters was kinda puny at school so I picked her up.  So there are 2 kids asleep in the living room. I love the silence.

I just need to show you what I got in the mail today.  I love earbobs. Maybe not as much as electronics but I like them alot. I found these gals who sell some the prettiest jewelry on the interweb. Kathi of Vintage Inspired Jewelry and Holly of BannerHaus are my favorites creators of earrings.  Sooo, I saw on my google reader the other day that Kathi was having tulip earring sale…$12! So I say to myself, Self, you want a couple these. So self won out and I ordered two pair. Here they are.

Such pretty packaging!

OMG, there are 3 in there!

 I should give one away as a gift but I love them all! I am wearing the red ones now, “cause I am a RED kinda gal.

Thanks loads, Kathi !

p.s. Check out Kathi’s blog and story…amazing.

Smiles, Sally

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4 Responses to Yesterday & today

  1. Ohhhh, Sally! I’m a “red” girl too! Frankly, ANYthing with vibrant, luscious color makes my heart pitter patter a little faster! LOVE the sleeping picture. So lovely – so quiet! LoL! I, too, love gadgets and would DIE without my Iphone!!! Never thought I’d be so attached. And I agree with the HP ink prices – are they KIDDING!!! One of my friends and I were just talking about the same subject a few days ago. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment. Am so happy you loved the pup in a cup! I do too!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. Oh gosh, I LOVE her earrings!!! Those tulips are adorable!!! No way would I be able to give a pair of those away…lol…

    I know what you mean about the HP printers! The ink is RIDICULOUS and it does NOT make many pages, even on “draft” setting. I’m glad to find out I’m not the only one who could not successfully “refill” the ink — I made a horrible mess and was really glad I had tried it OUTSIDE…

  3. Marietta says:

    Hi… thanks for stopping in… I hope the solar lights you have hanging around can be repurposed… Just need them to have that little hole when you remove the top and place it back on after attaching… so simple and boy it works.

  4. Kathi says:

    Sally, thank you so very much for blogging about my vintage tulip earrings. I’m so happy that you loved them. Also thanks for letting me know you saw me and hubby on the news. It was a long road but I finally got the bill passed. Take care and thank you for shopping with me again…Kathi

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