Day off…gonna run around!

from the Vintage Workshop

Since I have no kiddos until after school, I’m off to the post office, Barnes & Noble, Wal-mart, Lagron-Miller (our closest Catholic gift store) and some Chinese food! I’m going to have to sneak in a trip to Michaels too.  But I need to remember what my daughters say…Keep to the list!  Or I’ll never be back by 3 o’clock. And, oh yeah, it’s a great day because the Cubs have won 4 in a row. Smiles. Sally

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2 Responses to Day off…gonna run around!

  1. Oh my, I just noticed your header today — are those kiddos YOURS m’dear? Honey, you deserve a medal. I just managed to raise ONE!

    I like your list idea. If I don’t have one, I always end up spending too much AND coming home without the item I needed!

    • sallypaper says:

      Hi Holly, those are only some of my grandkids. The hubs and I have 5 kids ranging from 24 to 30. We have, as of now, 9 grands ranging from 2 months to 12 years with 3, yes! 3 more coming this year. I watch the little guy in the middle, Vince, every day. Three of the new ones will be with me too. So I thought it would be a good idea to finally start a blog since I’ll really be stuck in the house.
      About blogging…I don’t even know how to make a link, like to your blog, in my text. I guess I need to apply myself and learn “Blogging in WordPress for real dummies!” Thanks for the comments. Smiles. Sally

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