The new patio

Saturday was very overcast and dreary but the guys got the cement poured.

Chad gets the chute in place.

Grant, Chad, Derek and Pete working the cement flow.

Grant is smoothing the edges & corners.

Art, Poppy, Vincent & Sallyanne supervise.

So smooth...for now. Pete will expose the aggregate and apply acid.

Derek & Pete scrub off the smooth surface. Lots of water and lots of scrubbing!

Poppy will apply the sealer soon. The daily temp shouldn’t fall below 60 degrees so it might be a few days. I guess if we can’t BBQ on Sunday, we might as well pour cement!  Next weekend is Priscilla’s  big day…her 1st Communion! More pics to come, maybe crafting. I think that’s why I wanted to start a blog.   Smiles…Sally

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2 Responses to The new patio

  1. Oh Sally, I am so excited to see your new blog! Yay!

    Adding a patio is a lot of work but it really is so very useful and fun to have!

    • sallypaper says:

      Took me long enuf to get off my butt and get a blog…but here I are!! Thanks for all your encouragement and great free graphics. I’ll be using them soon. Sally

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