Gift card goodness

Every year, my brother Scott gifts me a $100 Michaels gift card. And boy, it doesn’t take me long to spend it. I really love to get Christmas clearance stuff with it. But I was really wanting was a couple of Martha Stewart’s new all-over-the-page punches. They are a little pricey so I only picked two. Here’s a picture of my goodies.

A little Mary Engelbreit box of tissues-don’t get me starting on how much I love ME stuff!2 stamps with my initials, 2 large book-shaped storage boxes, 2 collage picture frames that hold 14- 4×6 pictures (for my 12 grandkids), 2 Martha Stewart punches (heart and stars), 3 different card/picture holders in the shapes of a wreath, a single star and snowflakes, a journal, a velvet bow and 2 rolls of colored packing tape. I punched hearts from the velvet bow since this pic and I love the way the punches work. I even have a few dollar left since some of the clearance items were marked much lower. Sorry if a prattle on but I don’t get to shop like this often and it is a treat.

We are expecting a lot of snow tonight. I was to go to the dentist tomorrow to get a crown placed but the office called to cancel. My dentist is stranded in Atlanta, GA and can’t get a flight home. Funny, I’m usually the one canceling appointments.

Take care and keep warm!


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The New Year is Here!

Here I am…the poor blogger. The holidays went so well and really fast. I hope in the new year that I can read at least one book a month and do some daily journaling/glueing in my fresh new book. But let me show you what takes up the bulk of my time.

Vincent, Rudy and Lauren

Abram, 2 months old, in asleep in his swing. He’s not quite big enough to play/defend himself with this rough group. Vincent is almost 3. Rudy, in pink, is 6 months and she creeps, commando style EVERYWHERE! And under everything. Lauren, in blue, is 10 months. She’s a little more stubborn about getting around. She would rather be carried. But who wouldn’t? And at this moment, they are ALL napping or I would be able to get to this quick post.

It’s kinda late but…Happy New Year everyone! 


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Merry Christmas from the Hackneys

 I’m up early getting ready to put the turkeys in the oven. But I wanted to pop in to wish all my friends a very Merry Christmas! And wow, we really have a White Christmas! Well, off to the kitchen.

Love, Sally

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Lisa’s Christmas Countdown…

Starts in 4 days!!  Lisa Vollrath is a fabulous artist and mighty generous too. She offers a “Christmas Countdown”. That’s a set of very pretty graphics every day, December 1 through December 25.  Check her site out to get the details. They are free if you link back to her spot or if you’re anxious to get those goodies, like me, you can purchase the set now for such a small price. Thanks Lisa!

We had a great Thanksgiving at the Hackney house. Plenty of food and fellowship. Now here comes Christmas. I don’t do the Black Friday thing. I don’t really care for all those rowdy crowds. So, I’m just kicking back and getting to ready to watch a movie. Boy, is it quiet here. Kinda nice.


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What a bad blogger!!

Where has the time gone? I think I’ve said this before. I need to be faithful with my postings. Here are some pictures of the 2010 babies.

Rudy as a pea pod at Halloween

Natalee in her pumpkin pajamas


Abram..the newest of the brood

Here’s some other Halloween pics. I’m working on Christmas gifts for the grandkids. Too much to do , not enough time.


Julia, Lindsay and Emily as Alice in Wonderland characters

I’ll show some of the gifts I’m working on soon.

P.S. Hey Holly, how are you doing? I miss commenting on your blog. Thanks for all your great free graphics.

Later, Sally

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Where has the time gone!?!

My new header is a picture of all my granddaughters at Ashley’s baby shower last month.

Lindsay, Emily holding Natalee, Sallyanne holding Lauren, Priscilla holding Rudy, and Julia

Since last post, we’ve had 2 grandchildren, ( Rudy Marie Gilbert and Natalee Grace Hackney) half a dozen birthdays, (my BIG 50!)  a couple anniversaries (including our 32nd) and another baby shower for our youngest, Ashley. Whew I’m tired, but I know I need to keep up with posting on my blog and not just lurking on everyone else’s blogs. So I’ll post some pictures from my busy summer.

Rudy Marie Gilbert born July 17

Natalee Grace Hackney born July 19

Ashley and Libby at their shower.

Ashley got alot of really nice gifts at her shower. There were about 60 friends and relatives in attendance. And I’ve never been to a shower with so many babies. There were 6 babies under the age of 1! OK, more shower and baby pics.

Lauren with my sister Carla

And I was remembered on my anniversary with a very nice gift from Jim.

still beautiful after 1 week

Sallyanne and Priscilla's first day of school

Maybe after the Labor Day weekend my life will get back on a schedule. You should note that I didn’t say “get back to normal” because I’m not quite sure what that is. Be back soon…promise.

Smiles, Sally

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Happy Independence Day!

Have a great day! We’ll be cooking out and eatin’ lots of brats and watermelon.

From Elizabeth at Last Door…Down the Hall

From Holly at Banner Haus

Thanks gals for these neat pics!

Smiles, Sally

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New header

Cathe Holden, an AMAZING blogger and crafty gal,  gave away some free headers on her blog. Just Something I Made is amazing. Yes, I’ve used that word “amazing” twice…’cause it’s true! She is quite an inspiration. Thanks Cathe!

Speaking of really great and giving bloggers, check out Holly at Bannerhaus. She gave away the cutest typewriter key graphics this week. And no…she’s is NOT a donkey!

Smiles, Sally

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The rain came down…

We have had some interesting weather lately but this last hour beats all!  We just had 50 mph winds and 3 inches of rain in one hour. Our two sump pumps in the basement just couldn’t keep up. It’s finally starting to go down now! Whew!! If the sun comes out tomorrow (kinda sounds like an “Annie” song) I’ll take and posts some pictures.

I really like rain…just not so much. Smiles, Sally

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It’s been a long week.

It's Friday!!

This is a neat little tool from Lisa at Go Make Something.

Have a great weekend. Smiles, Sally

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